Why do I start blogging?

It started when I read my friend's blog. She posted about our band competition, it was our first band competition in 2009. Where she shares about the event with photos. That really attracted me to start mine! 

I was old school back then where I have a diary that I carry around that I can only write for myself with a little secret that I cannot share with the world. And yeah the diary makes me kind of introvert person because I tend to share everything on the diary that I less share with people around me. 

So my blog started, followed by few of my friends and it becomes more enjoyable as I get more online friends from all around Malaysia. I got friends from overseas too! I remember clearly, it was at the end of the year where I got a friend from London! But sadly we lost contact after two years of blogging. Hey Lucy, if you are reading this and still remember me drop a comment so we can catch up, share our story again and keep in touch like the old days!

Let's continue with the good things about blogging, It really helps improve my writing skills. English is my second language, so I really want to brush up my English and it is the best way for me to become more proficient in it, especially in writing. Other than improving my writing skills, it gives me the chance to interact with others through comments and social media engagement. I know I just started this and won't get any comment but I speak through my experience with my old blog. I do hope that one day, people will come up to this post and comment on it. 

Back then on my old blog, I tend to use a mixed language where I mixed Malay and English together where people called it "Manglish" or "Bahasa rojak". So some of my international friends tend to not understand with my post. During that time, I didn't have the idea of doing a proper personal blog. As blogging can connect you with other people around the world so I made up my mind to use English on my blog and I learn from my mistakes.

Not only that, there are so many benefits I get from blogging that I hope I can share with you in other posts. To anyone who wants to start blogging, just start it. It's free and it's super easy. All you need to do is to know the purpose of your blog and what is the content you want to share. But remember, not to go beyond the boundary. Don't forget that you have your own private life and you don't have to share everything with the world but if that is your purpose and you are cool enough, go ahead. Post it. Wishing you best of luck to start your own blog. All is well. 😉


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