Is blogging beneficial to me?

Blogging become a trend and everyone has their own reason to start. There's blog about business, lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty, and more. From my previous post, I've told you why I start blogging. To be exact, I have no intention to make money by blogging. Then, what benefits I get from personal blogging?

It is a platform to voice out ideas, thoughts and feeling. You can freely talk about your passion, what you love to do, what you planning to do, share your goals with the others and by that it gives you opportunity to meet people with the same interest as yours and might change different idea and perspective that build your way of thinking and gives you fresh new look on it. 

As I am a college student, this might beneficial for me to share my knowledge and what I have been studying. Also, I can share the attraction of my field of study. I can educate others interest to learn about my field expertise. But as a personal blog, I do not have the intention of creating an educational blog. It will be a few educational posts that I interest to share with readers.  

As my previous post, it is to brush up my writing skill. English is my second language and my mother tongue is Bahasa Malaysia. Brainstorming topic to be posted can enhance my thinking skills together with my writing skills. 

Do you know blogging also can become a tool in achieving a goal? This because when you write a journal of your everyday life might lead you to achieve a certain goal in life. A blog can be a platform for you to show your effort and results of your goals and it can be a reminder to make sure to goal achieved to be share. 

Other than that, it will boost your creativity. Why do I say it boost creativity? Because it is a platform for me to unleash my creativity to create stories or freely express my opinion. Allowing to voice up my opinion and dare to be wrong and receive opinions from the others.

There are so many benefits from personal blogging, but it depends on your intention of doing so. In whatever we do, there is always pros and cons. Let's focus on the positive side so we can overcome the negative side.


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