My life as a student part II

Hi everyone! How's your day?
Mine was great! I've done my chores, homework, and now sitting in front of my laptop writing this post. 

Being a student is so stressful. Currently, my life turn upside down. Why? There are so many things happened in the university since day one. Life is so different that makes me think wiser and I can call myself matured than before. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time so I can make things right but you know that's not how life works. 

Betrayed by so-called friends, tonnes of assignments and dateline, everyday quizzes, presentation and so much stuff to think off. I believe everyone experienced the same, and I hope you encounter it well!

It's fun studying here, I love the atmosphere, the lecturers as well as my major. I just don't expected to be betrayed by someone that approached me on the first day of class. Guess what? It's all being a lie. But I don't have time for such person, so I just leave. They said that we need to confront with that person, but she's a drama queen. There's a quote saying to "Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat with experience." I hold up to this quote whenever I want to confront with someone who wrong me, because I don't want to waste my time. Lesson learnt.

Here's the tips to survive in university life.
First, don't take too much time adjusting life in university. I know it's difficult, but time is gold. Don't waste your time on adjusting yourself to be fit in the social circle. Fit yourself as yourself, the different is the time management in university. You got to adjust time for your study, your leisure time and other stuff. 

Second, never depend on the others. Make yourself a leader for yourself. There's so much assignment you need to do in group, make sure you are choosing the right person to work with. You cannot trust other people to do your job, so do your work, learn and teach each other to succeed in your study. Process of learning is to learn as well as to teach the others. 

Third, find yourself a good circle of friends. If you choose wrong, you'll be in trouble. I know, I am currently experience this. But luckily, I realise it earlier so I know what I got to do for myself. Whatever it is, do not mixed your personal life with study. If you have problems with that person, don't drag with your study, Settle down the problem so it won't affect your study emotion. Find yourself a friend where you can enjoy study and fun time. Remind yourself to be responsible to yourself and do not let anyone control you. You are entering adulthood. You have to know what's good for your life and what's not. 

Fourth, do well in your study. Never take it for granted. If you do not understand in class, make your effort to ask the lecturers, learn from your classmate or search for it on the internet. There is so much things you can search on, there is no excuse for it. Read more. Yes, read more to enhance your knowledge. Don't worry if people call you nerd because you read a lot. Pity them, they won't get anything from saying that and you should proud of yourself knowing more things than those who called you that. 

All I can say is to work hard in everything you do. As a student, I'm working hard on my study and I won't take advantage of what I have now. I don't want to regret anything in the future, money and time. Work hard on achieving your goals. Sometimes we cannot have what we want, to get what we love or to fulfill what we need, but the most important are to get those you have work for. There's nothing come for free nowadays. You have to work on yourself. Success come to those who work for it.

I always tell myself that good things will always come at last. There's always sunshine behind that rain. So why not we work hard for our better future? Don't waste your time, live your life, work hard and play hard. 💪


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