My life as a student

Have you heard of college life is easier than high school? People seem to believe that university life is easy. Me too. I couldn't wait to graduate when I was in high school. Everyone told me that university was so much fun and it was so much easier than high school. But it was all lie.

University is super expensive. Especially private university, like mine. You can buy house, car and so many things with the tuition fees but I always remind myself that education is way more expensive than those tangible things. It is your choice to choose where you want to enrol and what is your major interest. I choose here because my interest is in the shipping industry. It sounds tough as a girl to survive in the industry, but do you realise there are so many offices for us to work for? It is not only about the ship and the sea, there is so many works can be done as being in the shipping industry in the land. I often educate people when they ask what will I be once I finish my study, am I going to be a seafarer? Hey, do you know it is so much fun learning the shipping industry like other fields too? 

Thankfully, financial isn't a burden for my family and I because I got a scholarship. So my parents do not need to pay for my tuition fees as well as my monthly allowances. I live with my parents and go to class every day from home, so it lesser my monthly expenses for food and transportation. 

Being a student life is stressful, tough one. Everyone experiencing stress as it is part of natural human life but adjusting university life so much frustration and hassles for me at first. I have to be more responsible and have to make my own decision in life. I have to balance my time with classes, assignments, tests, final exams, personal life and family time. This enough to messed my head. I salute those students who can balance themselves with working while studying. I tried once, and I give up. It is so tiring that affect my emotional and physical as well. 

I can conclude that being a student is fun, it's an adventurous journey. Choose a right decision, you get what you want but choosing wrong decision to give you a lesson to learn. That's how life works. Whatever it is, be thankful for what you have. 

I'll share on my next post what makes me stress for me being a student.  Stay tuned 😊


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