my high school moment

Have you ever missed your high schools so much?

I didn't know missing the good old days will hurt. Missing those glory days where I enjoy being myself freely without doubts. How excited my friends and I to met boys from other schools especially from "that famous boy's school".

I've graduated from high school about 2 years ago. I'm so thankful for being an SIGSian for 5 years. I didn't know it will be so much fun to be around with the girls only. And the most exciting part to be in the school band. I'm quite active during the school days, being ping pong athlete for 5 years but manage to get only few bronzes for double and silver for single. Well, at least I tried.

Ok here's come to the most exciting part, my experience of being a band girl. During my days, it is such an honour to be called as a band girl. But for real, we have been trough hell to be in the band. I remembered clearly when I was in form 1, where I always skipped band practice and always to be the wanted one until I realise, that disciple really matter to be part of the family, so I changed.
I really struggled myself to be chosen for any concert especially in band competition when I was in form 2. I once cried that I'm not chosen to perform and I really hate myself for not doing the best. Since then, I work my ass off to be chosen to perform. I start from playing an old tuba, to old baritone before I finally get myself a very first-hand marching basses. I still remember the fresh steel smell coming out from a box.

I've learnt to play tuba, baritone, marching basses, drum and bass drum. I really thank my senior for giving me such opportunity. In my senior year, when I was in form 5 I've been chosen to be the band conductor. I was so busy, for being the band secretary and conductor at the same time while struggling myself for SPM. We keep ourself fit that we would measure our waist and weight every week and diet to maintain our so-called body goal. Well, our everyday routine were so tough! We only got one day off which is on Sunday. Our warm up were at least bumping,  50 sit up and 3 fields round, which excluded any punishment.

I did once receive 10 rounds, 100 sit up and 100 bumping as punsihment. I cried while running caused my chest hurt so bad like I'm gonna die. To be honest, I ALMOST QUIT. But I'm not such a quitter, I complete it and I know it is for my own good to be mentally and physically tough. I did break my legs TWICE at the same place, fainted after a show and during practice like hundredth time and being suspected as cancer. But thanks God, I'm still alive.

We have been trough ups and downs together especially in our senior year, everything's paid off when we finally get the Champion title for Southern Region and received a silver award for international level. Also, I succeeded handle my job as secretary with tonnes of paperwork! And gladly I receive an award for best achievement for my trial SPM.

It was so much fun being here, that I can cherish the memory for forever. SIGS really teach my friend and I to be mentally and physically tough and producing such a versatile students.

Thank you SIGS for giving me such a wonderful memory. 💖


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