It's been another busy week around here, although I was lucky enough to have only two paper for my final exam and the gap is a week. That's actually enough for me to do last revision for each paper. Has anyone experienced last paper syndrome? I realised that last paper syndrome is the worst feeling ever. It feels like you're so done with the exam, so relax but actually, you have to study for the last paper. I was glad it was over!

Staying up till late night make me realised how good it was to have such a beauty sleep. It is not because I didn't study yet, but memorising final notes is best to do at the very last minute. Different people different style, is it? How is your study pattern? Do you like studying last minute like me? 

To whoever sitting for their exam or for coming exam, my prayers are with you. Study smart!

I'm done with my hectic week, also my semester 5. Another two semester before graduating! Hope you'll be having such great weekend to relax! Have a blessed everyone. 💓


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