Do people being true-self in the internet? Do you?

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ask to ourselves, do we really show our real-self online or do we pretending on being someone else? Referring to Huffpost, it is said that as social media continues to evolve, the concept of presenting our ideal selves has become more and more prevalent on social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others too. Why is that so?

Are we really presenting who we are in social media? Social media nowadays creates false sense of self and self-esteem trough likes, comments, fans, posts and more. Why do we become like that?

Being true to yourself can be a lot pressure from outside world as it tries to influence who you really are. It is important to you to be who you really are living in the society that is constantly developing. People will love the real you than being fake. Why do we have to be someone else to fit the society? How does it feels wearing a mask while going outside of the house, hiding our true identity to the society? What is the purpose? We exactly know what our limit as is being ourselves, and the boundaries you have set for yourself. Trying to please the society is not a good idea.

There's good and bad in someone, so do the internet. Online world full of mysteries, and agenda create by ourselves, the hidden personality of ours and the negativity of ourselves that we hide in real life but we show on the internet such being a keyboard warrior. We afraid of our voice being condemn so instead of being freely voicing out opinion and critics directly to the person, you tend to use social media as the solution to spit your bad words to them. Keyboard warrior is a cyber bullying, which you post mean comments. rumors, embarrassing photos and videos also creating fake profiles of another person without their consent. Remember, by leaving negativity online will change the perspective of someone, forever. What if that happen to you or your family members or your friends? It will be hard isn't it?

But to be true to ourselves, there's limit of transparency of ourselves in real life and the social media. There's pros and cons to do so. Being over the boundaries lead you to the negatives sides of the online world. We can make the world better with the internet by being true to ourselves and spread the positivity.


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