Ramadhan Kareem! May this Ramadhan filled with bless & prosperity 😊

It was such a great day. As planned, my friends and I break fast at Dataran Bandaraya. We bring mat and a lot of food. It feels like having picnic watching the sunset, eat delicious foods with beloved friends, That makes me happy.

Thank you to my friend, DC who bought a lot of food that we didn't manage to finish all of it. We took that back home.

If anyone doesn't know what Ramadhan is, it is a Muslim adult fasting from dawn till sunset. It is celebrated every year in ninth month of Islamic calendar. It is a must to every Muslim adult to fast except to those who are suffering serious illness, have to take medicine, travelling far, elderly and pregnant mum. It is not only prohibit to eat and drink during day time, but we are also prohibit from engaging sexual relations, insulting, cursing, lying, fighting and other sinful behaviour. 

Fasting start from dawn before Subuh which we call Sahoor and finish after sunset which we call Iftar. Right after Isyak prayer there will be salat Taraweeh. During Ramadhan, spiritual rewards are believed to be mltiplied. This holy month for Muslim is to clean ourselves and make us close to Allah, the Mighty.


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