I survived join marching band in high school


How is it like to be part of the marching band in the tropical weather country? You burnt every day. You never get that great glowing skin, because you will always tanned. It's true. But I survived in the marching band for five years of high school.

I remember clearly the first day I sign up to be part of the band members. I'm excited. But I didn't know all the members will go through hell. We'll be sitting under the sun for hours, it's scorching hot. You sweat a lot, your skin tanned and peel itself. 

It requires discipline and dedication to be part of the big family. We work hours under the sun through tough conditions from being a junior till senior year. There are so many obstacles I've been through along with my friends. This strengthens the bond between us, make us a big one family. 

They say, marching band geek is stupid. Do they know that we are actually smarter? We can memorize the music sheets with the marching step and form a great formation with hundreds of other members. It isn't as easy as you see. That required us to be mentally and physically tough. I thank marching band for that. We are very good at multitasking too!

I've learned few instruments; major in the bass line and a band conductor for a year. It was hard to memorize the score sheet, but if you love what you do it turns out easy. Trust me. You gotta love what you do, passion is a must in music. 

Marching band gives so many memories to me. Every shows, performance, parades, competition, all of it give a beautiful memory that I can cherish until my old days. Anyone part of the marching band too? It's fun, is it? My favorite marching band is Blue Devils. What's yours? 🙆

"Rain or shine, the band still stand!" - SIGS Band, Johor, Malaysia.


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